2 comments on “The Nerd

  1. Brian,
    I enjoyed your site, really nice info. I was reading and article on Lifehacker today, and there was a video of your Ikea butchers block project (neat idea). I work at Front End Audio, in Columbia, SC. I see that you are currently resting your KRK monitors on some Ikea blocks. Check out some of the MoPads and Primacoustic items on our site. I think you would really have a well-rounded setup with the addition of some proper speaker isolation options.

    Thank you again for the previously mentioned video. I have three Airport Express units at home that I am not currently using. This is a great idea, and I am planning on looking into it.

    Thanks again!
    David Shaw

    • Thanks for your comments, I will definitely check out your site.
      I also have two AppleTVs that I use for audio and video in my house. I have one hooked up to a set of Wharfdale Active Monitors which works great.
      All the best.

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