AirPlay Ikea Butcher’s Block Hack

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I was looking for a cabinet or table to put next to my BBQ that I could install my outdoor amp and Apple AirPort Express into. This is to allow me to stream music from my iMac to my outdoor speakers.
I found the Bekvam Butcher’s Trolley at Ikea…it was perfect for the

AirPlay Ikea Butcher’s Block Hack!

$69 in Canada.

On to the Hack!


1. Before putting it together I had to cut holes for the amp and the wires.

I traced the shape of the amp onto the wood and then used a JigSaw to cut out the hole.
I had some issues with the blade so the hole wasn’t perfectly straight, but I fixed it later with wood filler.

2. I assembled the table top portion as per the Ikea instructions and then dry fitted the amp and power bar.

3. I removed the electronics and finished the assembly following the Ikea instructions.

4. I stained the base, to match my pergola, and conditioned the butcher’s block.

5. I cut the conduit, ran the speaker wires and my IP Camera wires through it and attached it to the pergola.

6. I installed the components and connected the wires.

You can see on the left that I used a piece of steel strapping to secure the amp’s power supply and cables.

AirPort Express installed and connected to my wireless network.

The finished product in place!

The AirPlay Ikea Butcher’s Block streams music from my iMac to my outdoor speakers all controlled by my iPhone and/or iPad.

…it’s also a table…

Homemade pizza about to go onto the grill.

Check out the video.

15 comments on “AirPlay Ikea Butcher’s Block Hack

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  3. I did the same thing, but rack mounted an amp and the airport express in the basement and ran speaker wires from there. WiFi is turned off on the airport as I have a different access point upstairs. Works great. Used an AudioSource AMP 100 and Yamaha Outdoor speakers, both from NewEgg.

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    • Yes, you are right. I’ve actually had it outside for 3 years (in a different setup) and haven’t had any problems. It has no exposure to the elements; the table it’s mounted under is also protected by an overhang on my house.

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